Arrhythmia assessment

With more than 30 years of experience in ECG recording tools, MicroPort® CRM produces state-of-the-art technologies that are the gold standard in data acquisition and ECG analysis.

Our full range of powerful solutions for arrhythmia diagnostics provides everything essential to your clinical needs.

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Spider SAS™ & Synescope™

Sleep Apnea Detection. Arrhythmia Detection. All in One.

Spider SAS™ is a polygraph Holter allowing for both sleep apnea and arrhythmia detection in one single device. The intuitive hook up allows for a quick, easy and reliable setup. Associated with the Synescope™ software, Spider SAS™ is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool in your hands.


  • Arrhythmia Detection: up to 48 hours recording – 2 ECG channels
  • Sleep Apnea Detection: - Respiratory Polygraph Type III – 1 or 2 nights recording
  • Synescope™ Software: Dual display and fully customizable reports – HL7 compatibility

Synescope (v3.30) software is not available for sale or distribution in the USA.

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Spiderview™ & Synescope™

The Multipurpose Digital ECG Holter Recorder

Spiderview™ is a small, compact and easy to use Holter recorder, conceived for multipurpose applications and able to record several channels according to the lead configuration to better fit clinical needs and the patient’s comfort. Spiderview™ is compatible with Synescope™, the high-end ECG Holter analysis software by MicroPort CRM, offering multichannel multiday analysis.


  • From 2 to 12 channels.
  • Up to 4 days recording.
  • Available in Standard Mode (200 Hz), at the Enhanced Mode (unfiltered standard), at the Uncompressed Mode (raw data) and at the High Resolution Mode (1000 Hz).
  • Dedicated SD card.
  • Intuitive analysis with SyneScope.
  • Compatible with Synecom™.
  • HL7 compatibility.

Synescope (v3.30) software is not available for sale or distribution in the USA.

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Spiderflash™ & Eventscope™

Long duration event recorder.

SpiderFlash™ is a smart Event Loop Recorder combining the power and accuracy of Holter Monitoring with long duration recording benefits. SpiderFlash™ is compatible with Eventscope™ analysis software, working together to provide comprehensive reporting.


  • Detection and visualization of arrhythmia events, with up to 12 different types of arrhythmias, including AF
  • ECG analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability and histograms
  • Automatic reports
  • HL7 compatibility
Arrhythmia assessment SPIDERFLASHECG 1

Agilis Mini™

Easy, fast and complete Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABP) monitoring.

Agilis Mini™ is a light weight and quiet blood pressure monitor. Based on the oscillometric technique, it is easy to use and comfortable for the patient. The ABP analysis software, Agilis Mini Software™, offers an easy programming of the monitor, a fast and complete data analysis, and a customized report.


  • Oscillometric technology
  • Up to 250 measurements of systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Automatic cuff size recognition
  • USB type-C connector

Manufactured by Suntech Medical, Inc. Distributed by MicroPort CRM

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Connectivity solutions for Holter recording

Synecom™ is a data transfer software for Spiderview™ recordings. With its embedded communication option, Synecom™ allows for an easy, cost-effective and secure exchange of Holter recordings via an existing email, webmail or FTP connection.


  • Specifically tailored for hospital groups and remote offices practice.
  • Sending and receiving via an existing email, webmail or FTP connection.
  • Comments can be added before printing report.


Availability of select products and their functions vary by country. Please check with your representative for further information.