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Longest lasting ICD1.

✔ Up to 18.1 years of longevity.2

✔ Lowest rate of inappropriate shocks.3

✔ Quick and efficient follow-up experience.



Outstanding Longevity.

Edis™ incorporates advanced technology that withstands the test of time.

With the lowest current drain and a large battery capacity, MicroPort™ CRM excels in predicted longevity with up to 8 more years compared to other devices2, protecting patients from early replacements and associated complications.

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The new standard is excellence.

Optimal settings automatically programmed
Immediate protection from inappropriate shocks3 and ventricular over-stimulation risks4 with PARAD+ and SafeR out-of-box settings.

One-click follow-up test sequence
Suite of tests launched sequentially
Detailed snapshot of key results displayed in one screen

High definition EGM
Eases reading for a quick and precise diagnosis
Eliminates the need for ECG electrodes to do threshold tests

Key information at first sight on the programmer

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Optimizing patient outcomes, while saving time and resources.

MicroPort™ CRM understands the value of time for medical professionals. For this reason, we provide clinically proven high-end features3,4 in our long-lasting devices1, for optimizing patient outcomes, while saving time and resources avoiding unscheduled visits, hospitalization and unnecessary interventions.

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Manufactured with patients in mind.

Favors a smaller incision and reduced pocket size

Facilitates both primo implants and replacements

Boosts psychological adoption for patients

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  1. Competition comparison made as of March 2020, refer to manufacturers manuals and Boston Scientific longevity calculator available online. Applicable conditions: A, V=2.5V; 0.4ms; 500ohms; 100% (15% A pacing for Medtronic Cobalt/Crome); VVI for VR models / DDD for DR models; 60 bpm (40bpm for Biotronik Acticor 7 VR-T, Rivacor 3/5/7 VR-T); Sensor ON (OFF for Abbott Gallant, Biotronik Acticor 7, Rivacor 3/5/7, Medtronic Cobalt/Crome); Remote ON; RF telemetry 45min-2h at implant and 15-60 min p.a.; 2 battery charges p.a. for capacitor maintenance (1 every 9 months + 4 at implant for Gallant).
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