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Longest lasting CRT-D1.

✔ Up to 11 years of longevity.2

✔ Automatic & hemodynamic CRT optimization.3

✔ Lowest rate of inappropriate shocks.4

✔ Empower AF Risk Management.5



Outstanding Longevity.

Gali SonR™ incorporates advanced technology that withstands the test of time.

With the lowest current drain and a large battery capacity, MicroPort™ CRM excels in predicted longevity with up to 5 more years compared to other devices1, protecting patients from early replacements and associated complications.

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Translating the natural beat into engineering excellence.

Physio-inspired design.
Mimics the natural way the heart works and minimizes artificial intervention.

Wave to wave thinking.
A permanent adaptive strategy for real-time decisions that respond to all levels of patient activity, day and night, evolving and learning with the patient.

Symbiotic Programming.
Programming is driven only by hemodynamic needs. All therapeutic features are independently programmable, designed to work together simultaneously with no conflict.

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Helping you manage…
…what can’t be seen.

Atrial prematurity detection: Detect AF with 96% sensitivity and 96% specificity5

Long cycle search criteria: Protect patients from risks associated with AF6

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Optimizing patient outcomes, while saving time and resources.

MicroPort™ CRM understands the value of time for medical professionals. For this reason, we provide clinically proven high-end features3,7 in our long-lasting devices1, for optimizing patient outcomes, while saving time and resources avoiding unscheduled visits, hospitalization and unnecessary interventions.

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  1. Competition comparison made as of March 2020, refer to manufacturers manuals and Boston Scientific longevity calculator available online. Applicable conditions: A, V=2.5V; 0.4ms; 500ohms; 100% (15% A pacing for Medtronic Cobalt/Crome); VVI for VR models / DDD for DR models; 60 bpm (40bpm for Biotronik Acticor 7 VR-T, Rivacor 3/5/7 VR-T); Sensor ON (OFF for Abbott Gallant, Biotronik Acticor 7, Rivacor 3/5/7, Medtronic Cobalt/Crome); Remote ON; RF telemetry 45min-2h at implant and 15-60 min p.a.; 2 battery charges p.a. for capacitor maintenance (1 every 9 months + 4 at implant for Gallant).
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